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Metal Garbage Container Specifications

Metal Container

Metal container, Oner container is one of our high quality and very useful container models produced by our company. As is known, garbage containers play a big role in terms of Environment and human health. By regular use of these products, substances such as waste and garbage are not thrown into the environment and the environment is not damaged more often. Thanks to garbage containers, garbage is collected together and thus our environment is kept clean. There are a wide variety of garbage container models produced by our company. One of them is our metal container model. Metal containers have a fairly robust structure, as they are made of a metal substance. It is available for a long time. In addition, no breakage or cracking occurs during use. It is usually large in volume and is a great aid in cleaning the environment of cities.

Metal container models are manufactured by our company from corrosion resistant sheet materials. These containers, which have many features, are preferred by our customers because they are convenient and multi-functional. We, as a company, do some research together with our employees to increase their durability and robustness. As a result of our research, we produce high quality garbage metal containers and offer them to the market. These metal garbage containers that we offer to the market are often used for street and street cleaning, but small volumes are also used for apartment and business cleaning. Products whose area of use also differs in various ways are manufactured in accordance with the Turkish Standards Institute.

Metal Garbage Container Specifications

A metal container is a product that can be used for a long time in terms of its durability and durability. These products, which are used for the collection of garbage and waste materials together, make our daily life very easy. The metal garbage container produced by our company has a number of technical specifications, some of which are as follows;

● Metal containers are made of two compartments, body and cover part. Both compartments are made of 1.5 millimeter sheet metal.

● The sheet material we use in the body part is 2 times more and we used a strength-enhancing form during pressing.

● The body mouth part of our garbage metal container product is framed with profile to give an effective function during closing.

● The cover part is one piece and is again made of sheet material to increase its durability.

● Handles are available to hold on the sides to ensure comfortable use.

● Our Metal garbage container product has 2 wheels installed at the bottom of the body part in order to avoid strain during transportation.

● Writing or figure application is made on the front of our product as requested by our customers.

● According to our customers ‘ requests, we produce different volumes of metal garbage containers.

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