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Plastic Container ?

Plastic container models are multi-functional products produced by our Oner container company and used to keep the environment clean. Together with our employees, we manufactured plastic container products in order to produce durable and quality products as a result of some studies. The points we pay attention to in all the products we manufacture are the satisfaction of our customers and a reliable shopping. We are confident in this regard and follow an environmentally friendly policy in all products we manufacture. These products, which have a wide variety of functions in terms of usage, are produced in various volumes and brought to a suitable function for the needs of our customers. Thanks to plastic garbage containers, environmental cleanliness and order are ensured, garbage is not spilled around randomly. Whether it is for school cleaning or for cleaning the city and streets, waste and waste materials are collected in a single center thanks to plastic garbage containers, thus our environment is cleaner.

Our plastic container models are manufactured with emphasis on a number of technical details in order to increase their durability and robustness. In this model, which our customers often prefer, inscriptions or figures are applied to the front of plastic containers according to the order. In order to increase the quality of the body and cover part, it is manufactured as galvanized against rust. Again, nature-friendly recyclable materials were used in the body and cover part. These products, which we produce in various volumes, can be in colors according to our customers ‘ request

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