• The body and lid are manufactured from a single piece of 1.50 mm. thick iron sheet.
  • The body is twisted †from two pieces of iron sheet and reinforced by being pressed.
  • The opening of the body is surrounded by reinforced profile.
  • The lid is laminated from a single piece of iron sheet †in presser and reinforced.
  • There are trunnions for loading on the sides.
  • There are 2 wheels with a size of 150×45 which are †conformity with†TS EN 12532†standard and two feet.
  • The base and sides are completely welded.
  • Container is produced in accordance with the technical picture and technical specialities, galvanized in accordance with the †standard of TS EN ISO 1461 with the system of hot dipping galvanization.
  • in the front side can be written any requested things