• The body is made of 2.00 mm. curled up in one piece of† iron sheet ,given form with pressed and strength has been increased.Bottom corners and top are radius. Installation of manufactured from the same sheet with the body iron sheets, pressing the edges of the side iron sheets† formed of at least 15 mm. width can twisted ledge or lip including all surroundings and radius,† with this protrusion the side iron sheets and body sheets† are uninterrupted merged from outboard with radius .
  • Opening of the body 25.00 x50.00×2.00 mm. of size, body and side iron sheets are frame as self- bent
  • The body source and the other† sources made by the technique of gaseous with dross-free, uninterrupted by boiling and were made in closed water the body.
  • The lifting trunnions are 4.00 mm. and they are welded to the body with reinforcement.At sides carrying handles are existed.
  • Container lids are made of 1.50 mm. iron sheet, lid† system† is made can be opening† around its axis and to lid are† given strengthening form.Opening handles on the lid,locked with osculation, reinforced with resistance increasing profile from inside.
  • There are 4 carrying rollers with the size of 150 x45 mm. two of, swivel 360, two of them are fixed and fork sheet is 3.00 mm.Wheels are settled which are suitable to the standards of TS EN 12532. Thickness of the Wheel mounting bracket is 3.00 mm.
  • In the front side can be written any requested things
  • All of our productions are made with gas welding. It is more resistant than other sources.