Technical Specifications Of Outdoor Trash – Oner Waste Container

Technical Specifications Of Outdoor Trash

Outdoor garbage buckets are quality and robust products produced by our Oner container company and presented to the market in order to ensure environmental cleanliness. Since we produce in different volumes, its width and depth vary according to the area of use. Let’s give you information about the technical features of our outdoor garbage bins;

● First of all, the legs of our products are produced in different shapes and they are completely adjusted according to the wishes of our customers.

● The legs and skeleton parts are made of solid metals and the bucket parts are made of DKP sheet metal.

● Available in different volumes and this is entirely determined by our customer’s order.

● We use electrostatic paints in order to be protected from adverse weather conditions.

● According to the request of our customers, we can also make the bucket part from 1st class pine impregnated material.

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